Glass Pyramids In Bermuda

Bermuda triangle a subject that kept researches entangled for ages. We all know that ships and planes vanish there, but why and how no one knows. Well apart from this a new observation has come forth in the recent few months. It has been noticed [...]

Challenges Of Mariner’s Wife

Mariners spend a good number of days in the sea. Travelling from one country to the other, this makes their personal life suffer a lot. They might miss the wedding of a family member and even perhaps death of a close relative or a beautiful [...]

Around The World in 80 Days

The very mention of the name around the world in 80 days, take us to our childhood days when we have at least once read the famous novel by Julies Verne called the same. We all have read this book and wondered if this is actually possible and [...]

Mind Boggling Sea Mysteries

Mysteries often fascinate us. We all like to read books on mysteries and watch movies that have a mystery to it. However, if we look closely around us here are some mysteries that even science has not been able to solve yet. From a baby being [...]

A Black Hole On Earth!!!

In case you thought that black holes are confined to outer space and the nearest black hole are many light years away from earth. Let me tell you, a black hole is perhaps not as far as you always thought it to be. Many scientists believe that [...]
IMO Secretary-General

Role of IMO in Sea Trade and Welfare of Seafarers

IMO stands for International Maritime Organization. It is a body that helps to protect and safeguard the navy officers and others who work on high seas. Ships were originally used for trading. Even today not much has changed almost ninety percept [...]
Seafarer's Day

Seafarer’s Day Special: Importance of Seafarers in the World

Seafarers are individuals who spend a lot of time on sea transporting cargo’s and goods of other commercial and personal purpose to different parts of the world. They help a lot in the international business as about ninety per cent [...]