The Largest Shipping Companies In The World

Shipping companies are companies that deal with shipping of goods from one part of the world to the other in huge containers. There are many companies along the world that deal in shipping. Some names are almost a century old. It is not possible [...]
pollution in the oceans

Pollution In The Oceans

Pollution is one of the most important topics that we are discussing in all international forums all across the globe. The harm that man has done to the planet is perhaps irreversible. The pollution is presence of any non-bio degradable substance [...]

How Much Does a Ship Cost?

We all have seen huge ships on the sea. Some of us have also take vacations on a cruise. However, have you ever wondered as to what might be the cost of a ship? Interesting isn’t it to know what would be the price of a ship. That’s exactly [...]

Storms at Sea: A Common Natural Phenomenon

Storm at sea is a very common natural phenomenon that keeps occurring in the sea. We have often seen many paintings by great artists of a storm in the sea. The paintings are powerful and captivating. Have you ever wondered from where these storms [...]

What is a Tsunami?

The year was 2004; the day was 26th day of December. The people who saw it come explained that the sea went back much behind than it usually is seen. After some time it came back and the wave was a giant one, as big as few hundred feet. It [...]