World’s Largest Wooden Ships

  Ships we all have seen then since childhood. Many of us must have had one in the toys that we have played with while growing up. Well ships play a vital role in world trade and also in international relationships. All countries do have [...]

Spanish Armada Ships

Sea has always been the means for trade for generations. The mightiest rulers always ensured that the seas are in their control. However, this could only be possible if the countries had strong ships that could not be defeated by any army. A [...]

Ship Propeller Design

Ships are vessels that operate in water. There are many parts to a ship. However, the most important part will be a propeller. As the name suggests a propeller is a device that makes way for the ship to move ahead in the water. We will now discuss [...]

Marine Engineering and Research Institute

The marine training of India is considered to be one of the best in the world. Very few people are actually aware of it. In case you a looking for a world class degree in marine engineering in India then the best place to look for it is Marine [...]

Ship Fires at Sea

Ships are vessels that are an integral part of world trade. Without them world trade would be impossible. They carry goods that cannot be shifted by air. Cargo ships are primarily used to transport goods. With time even passenger ships have [...]

DMET Kolkata

We know there are many marine engineering colleges in India. Some of them are very popular and prominent. One name that tops the list is DMET Kolkata. It is one of the first marine schools that were ever established. It has a terrific track [...]