cruise ship in storm

Cruise Ships in Storms

Cruise ships in storms are some of the most feared incidents that passages as well as crewmen and the general public could imagine off. The famous film of titanic is responsible for creating the reality of what could happen to a cruise ship [...]
History of Marine Boilers

History of Marine Boilers

Some consider history of marine boilers or boilers as a whole as being one of the oldest and richest, and also one that has been well preserved even with the development of new technologies that as yet to replace the boiler in the 21st century. [...]

Facilities For Injured Servicemen

  With recent increase in questioning of the naval medical facilities towards their role in the rehabilitation of navy sailors that lost limbs while at service, they have release news that they are conducting tests and training to help [...]
Man Overboard Survival

Man Overboard Survival

This may be one of the most feared situations that sailors have, and man overboard survival techniques and training sessions are held during ship crewman training and on-board vessels a regular intervals. It could be a scary situation to have [...]
17th Century Maritime Clothing

17th Century Maritime Clothing

Attire has played a major part in the dress codes of different cultures since the down of mankind and the 17th Century maritime clothing was not left behind either since there was a specific dress that was worn by the sailors and the captain [...]
container ships after storms

Container Ships In Storms

Container ships in storms or in rough seas are the biggest cause of worry shipping companies have to deal with since storms claim more ships than any other form of accidents that happen on sailing vessels, sinking dozens of ships in the high [...]
coast guard sniffer dog

Drug Smuggling Container Ships

The 21stcentury has noted a rise in drug smuggling container ships, due to the rising demand for illegal drugs around the world. This has prompted many coast guard vessels patrolling international waters to conduct surprise searches on board [...]

Sailors Isolated

Unfortunately it is common to hear the public say that marine jobs make sailors isolated from the society and they get left behind by ever developing new trends. This is not always true and many marine vessels have been installed with state [...]

Ship Containers

Without any doubt ship containers have contributed largely to world trade. They were used by ancient vessel as well to store cargo during voyages and as time passed them slowly transformed from wooden containers to steel. This is because steel [...]

What Did Sailors Eat?

Great advances have not only been made on the engineering front but have also been made towards sanitation and nutrition. It has been asked by many people what did sailors eat. Pioneer sailors have limited sized vessels that could carry only [...]