Boat Engineering

In the other sections of this website, we have been mainly focusing on the principles, operations and other facets concerned with large commercial vessels or merchant navy ships. You can learn about ship vs boats in this article.

Yet many people who are not professional marine engineers, navigating officers or naval architects, still would be interested in knowing specifically about the smaller water crafts or boats.

Even otherwise at individual level a person would be much more likely to own a small boat rather than an expensive yacht or a huge commercial ship, except of course if you are a billionaire.

Although size does matter, still boats are in interesting area in themselves. There are several types of boats; right from the simplest of boats which you can build yourself in the DIY mode, to highly sophisticated formula-one boats or even remotely operated vehicles which aren’t exactly boats.

Many fishermen own small simple boats powered by small engines. This particular section dealing with boat engineering would enlist the various areas of knowledge that form a part and parcel of boats and smaller water crafts. This would include a study of the design and construction as well as buying and selling of second hand boats.

We will also learn about few ancient types of boats such as Skin on frame boats

Uses of Boat Engineering Section

The boat engineering section would also come in handy for small boat owners especially those having smaller engines. It is not always possible or economical for someone to hire a specialist boat repair mechanic due to several reasons.

In such a case it is always helpful if you know the basics of repair of small engines. Of course many boat owners who have been sailing for years might think that they know the in and out of their boats.

Yet they would be amazed to know that though they may be perfect in the routine work, they lack the basic theoretical knowledge behind the tasks they do.

Of course most of these principles relating to diesel engines are same as listed for bigger sized ships, yet this section contains a specific coverage about smaller boat engines, their repair, maintenance and troubleshooting tips.

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Interaction using Boat Engineering Section

One of the most powerful uses of the web is to connect to people all over the globe without having to ever physically travel or meet them.

This way we can benefit from the knowledge and experience of others over a distance which may not be otherwise possible without the networking technology.

Over a period of time we would aim open an interactive arrangement wherein small boat owners could ask any questions and get replies from experts situated at other places.

Hence it would be like a community of boat owners who work for the mutual benefit of each other. Later on it could also include space for placing information regarding buying or selling your boat or hiring boating services for specific purposes.

We would be working in tandem with other companies providing such services to provide an integrated platform for our viewers.

The image shows a boat repair being carried out, just imagine how useful it would be if you had the requisite information available at your fingertips.

We aim to provide just the same, so keep coming back for more info as the website grows. You will also find opportunity to share your own thoughts, views, knowledge and experiences via this website which will be started soon

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