Current fake agent chaos in shipping: Who is to blame?

The maritime industry has been one of the most isolated industries for a long time. However, in the last few years it was noticed that there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of shipping agents this resulted in many maritime institutes [...]

Navy Women: Can Women Be In The Merchant Navy?

As the President of India gave awards to several first women including Capt Radhika Menon, we reflect upon the post written at our portal about 6 years ago and how it is still relevant in current year. So let us take a look back at what was [...]

How to Get a Job in Merchant Navy?

Once merchant navy was a profession to be envious of, despite the challenges and difficulties one had to face on board a ship. There was a huge gap of pay between the shore jobs and sea jobs. This gap is still there as a normal private or government [...]
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All Ranks

  How to Apply Oceanic Star Shipping Pvt. Ltd. Real Tech Park, Office No. 1205, 12th floor Plot No. 39/2, Sector 30A, Nr. Vashi railway stn, Vashi Navi Mumbai. TEL: +91 22 27817171 / 72 / 73 FAX: +91 22 27817174 EMAIL:admin@ostarshipping.com [...]
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Gas Engineer, Chief Officer, Master and Chief Engineer

How to Apply 301, 3rd Floor Crystal Plaza, New Link Road, Chakala, Andheri(E), Mumbai 99 Job Types: Chief Engineer, Marine Officers, and Master/Captain. Job Tags: marine job. Job expires in Endless. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]Was This Post Useful?please [...]
Damaged Ship

How To Tell If A Shipping Company Is Fraud?

There are many shipping jobs that you will find online. You might have applied to some of them too. Shipping is a profession that you can pursue from any part of the world. This gives you an international opportunity. This may seem to be a [...]
Ship Chandler

What Do Ship Chandlers Do?

Have you ever heard the term ship chandler and do you know what exactly ship chandlers are supposed to do. Let us find out more about this interesting profession which is closely associated with ships and shipping. On The Move Always Ships keep [...]
Maritime Job Frauds

Avoid Fraud In Maritime Jobs

There are many shipping companies in the world. Every year a number of job applicants apply for jobs to these companies. We must tell you that all the shipping companies out there are not genuine. You must be very careful before you associate [...]
Harbour Master

What Does A Harbour Master Do?

There are many roles that are given to individuals working in the port or the harbour. One such job of prime importance is of the harbour master. Like the station master in a railway station the harbour master in a port does some functions that [...]
Role of Pursers

Ship Pursers: Then & Now

There are many job roles in a ship and one role is that of a purser. We will now discuss in detail what the role of a purser actually is and what are his or her job responsibilities. Job Profile Of A Purser One of the main roles of a purser [...]