Learn Morse Code

Learn Morse Code

Morse code was a type of language that was developed to communicate over long distances. It was developed by Samuel. F B Morse in order to make his telegraph communicable to different people of the world. to learn the morse code a series of [...]

Radio Officers Job OnBoard Ships

The radio officers job onboard ships, unlike any other, involves sailing on-board sea ferrying vessels like navy vessels or private ships and boats in the open ocean or seas to do this job you requires a basic level of education minimal graduate [...]

Ship Radar Theory – Use of Radar in Ships

Author: Aman Introduction The word dynamic can easily be described as a synonym of science. Science has established its application in each and every field. And like in any other field its inventions have enhanced even the marine industry. [...]

Marine Navigation

Introduction to Marine Navigation We are used to traveling by road and when we need to reach from point A to point B via roads, we simply drive the car (or whatever vehicle we use) to go along predefined paths (i.e. roads built for the purpose). [...]

Ship Collisions

Ship Collisions Author: Ricky Sea Traffic & Ship Collision Sea traffic and routes are no longer what they used to be. The rush of high tech ships moving at high speeds is increasing on the sea routes. The loads on the ships and the sizes [...]