What is a Tsunami?

The year was 2004; the day was 26th day of December. The people who saw it come explained that the sea went back much behind than it usually is seen. After some time it came back and the wave was a giant one, as big as few hundred feet. It [...]
Container Ship Fire

Container Ship Fire

Container ship fire may not sound important or even difficult to occur since the cargo is carefully packed in to strong weather resistant shipping containers, but this is not the case and each shipping container cargo must be declared, inspected [...]
coast guard crash

Coast Guard Crash

Hearing of a coast guard crash is not an event that one expects to hear in the daily news, but for those who work or serve in the coast guard it is a reality that they must be prepared for on a daily basis. Compared to other law enforcement [...]

The Great Oil Spill of 2010-The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

The BP Oil Disaster On the fateful day of April 20,2010, an explosion occurred on a British Petroleum (BP) oil drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. This explosion was responsible for starting one of the largest oil spills that the world has experienced. [...]
A Capsized Ship

Marine Accidents: What Is Ship Grounding?

Author: Meetu Verma Nayyar Marine Grounding Accidents The history of marine accidents is quite old. But we will talk about latest incident which happened on April 14th, 2010, the master and other crew members of a Chinese cargo ship were arrested [...]