Classification of Chemical Tankers

Classification of Chemical Tankers

Ships that carry chemicals are known as chemical tankers and there is a system of classification in terms of type of ship. Find out how is the classification system laid out and how each chemical tanker can fit in a specific category. VN:F [...]
Single vs Double Hull Ships

Single vs. Double Hull Ships

Ships are commonly used for cargo transportation. They play a vital role in world trade. The shipping companies across the world spend millions of dollars in research so that they can come up with a better ship. Everyone wants to have the fastest [...]

ROV: An Underwater Robot

ROV’s or Remotely Operated Vehicles can easily be termed as underwater robots and considered a boon for deep water industries like offshore hydrocarbon extraction. As the name itself suggest, Remotely Operated Vehicles are unoccupied and [...]
FPSO Vessel

What Is FPSO Vessel?

Man has not only harnessed the seas for transportation but for industrial purposes also. The offshore industry owes all credit to the development of FPSO vessels which stand for Floating Production Storage and Offloading units. Over the last [...]

Livestock Carrier Ships: An Overview

The importance of livestock carrier ships cannot be overestimated in high seas trade. The sea has not only been used by man to travel over vast distances, ingenuity has been used to transport various kinds of goods and commodities. Transportation [...]
Cattle Carrier Ship

Cattle Carriers: Lifeline Of Livestock

Cattle carriers are huge ships that are designed in such a way that they can carry livestock. Cattle are a very important commodity that is transported by the sea. The cattle carriers are basically used to import and export cattle. Most of [...]
Steam Ship Engine

Steam Propulsion Ships

We have already studied about ship diesel engines in a previous article, and today we would be taking a look at steam propulsion ships. Life at sea has changed for sure between now and then but still it would be interesting to know more about [...]
Pontoon Boats

Which Boat Size Is Right For You?

There are dozens of different types of boats, and they come in many shapes and sizes. What you need depends on how you’ll use it, how often you’ll use it and in what bodies of water you’ll use it. We recently carried an article on boat [...]
What is a hydroplane

What Is A Hydroplane?

Do you know what is a hydroplane and what is it used for? Basically as the name “hydro+plane” itself suggests, the word is a combination of hydro and plane, or water and plane. To put it in the simplest of terms, a hydroplane is [...]
Bulk Carriers

Types Of Sailing Ships

There are various types of ships that sail in the oceans. We will now discuss a few of them. This will help you to understand the types of ships and how they are used. I hope after reading this article you will have a fair idea about the type [...]