Coast Guard Patches

The military is well distinguished for badges, medals and parches that they wear on their uniforms while on service. Many civilians do not know of it but all service personnel get these badges to show there designation and rank and this includes also the navy and coast guard patches, badges and medals that signify the rank and superiority on a vessel.

Coast Guard Patch

Coast Guard Patch

The military, navy, coast guard and navy all have an array of different patches and badges as well as medals for the main reason of identification, since military installation have many personal it is important for each one to be able to identify another rank by just looking at the coast guard patches. Usually patches, badges, and medals are also allotted according to the mature of the service man. With service men stationed on vessels or on deck usually receiving badges and medals that are worn on their uniform without hindering their movement or productivity to perform.

Coast guard patches are usually reserved for service men that are involved in actual field work missions that would require them to actively participate on doing different operations where by badges or medals would not be suitable since they would snag on to the terrain and get lost or even worse get the service man stuck in a compromising position during a mission. To avoid this from happening all deference or armed forces have adapted to providing patches that are permanently sewed on to the service men’s uniforms thus reducing the hassle for them while on field missions.

This is only upheld while on missions off board or on field, while in station the service men are expected to be in full uniform while on parade or during assemblies to maintain a strict code of conduct, followed by all defense forces. Onboard navy and coast guard vessels there are few service men that get few chances to show their full attire since their jobs are such that they spend majority of their time working in precarious positions that do not let up chances for them to attend assemblies or parades.

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coast guard patch

coast guard patch

The engineering and maintenance departments of defense forces make good use of these parches, coast guard patches are mainly used on the maintained department for safety reasons similar to those stated earlier for service men of the field. Coast guard patches are part and parcel of the service and neither patches nor badges are considered more superior since both signify the serviceman’s rank but is used or worn at a different location or situation where the badge could be convenient or maybe hinder to serviceman’s effectiveness while performing his duty.

The coast guard patches themselves have different meaning to each one, this aspect of coast guard badges patches and medals will be discussed in a separate article whereby each patch, badge and medals shall be described in detail to provide a clearer understanding of each one to the common civilian who may just have seen many medals on a officer but has the faintest of clues to what each medal, or patch may signify when worn by a serviceman. Making this information understood by common people will help promote the enthusiasms of understanding what each badge means to the owner when offered to honor him or her.

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