Glass Pyramids In Bermuda

Bermuda triangle a subject that kept researches entangled for ages. We all know that ships and planes vanish there, but why and how no one knows. Well apart from this a new observation has come forth in the recent few months. It has been noticed by sonar waves that there are pyramid like structures in the base of Bermuda triangle. They are as deep as two thousand meters.

So far two pyramids have been noticed. The sizes of the pyramids are huge. Now we know that the biggest pyramids on earth are actually in the ocean. These pyramids are made up of a thick glass like material. Something like say crystal. On top of these pyramids are very large holes that ensure that the sea water moves though these at very high speed and forms a huge whirlpool on the surface of the sea. This also causes a mist and a foggy effect on the sea surface. Now this new discovery is forcing scientists to believe that there must be something to do with these pyramids and the disappearances that keep happening from time to time.

Now the most interesting part of the story, how did these two huge pyramids reach there? Who made them and why. The scientists believe that these were made on the land, because no one can make such huge structures under the water. During a massive earth quake or during the pole shift these might have gone under water. These are made of crystal like material and they don’t have any cracks or algae’s on them. They are perfect in shape and their size is bewildering.

No one can say precisely when they were built and where. Neither do we know who built them as of now the discovery of these pyramids have only made the mystery of the devil’s triangle stronger.

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