Working on Cruise Ships

Described as one of the most interesting jobs on the globe working on cruise ships, the industry is constantly searching for new employees to work on the vessels. It is said that all good things come with a price. Research shows that many people who work on cruise ships tend to retire soon thus causing the constant search for replacements.

working on cruise ships

working on cruise ships

Cruise ship personnel is noted to consist of mostly young people since at this tender age they don’t have responsibilities that tie them down in one place. Beside this minor glitch the jobs on cruise vessels are some of the most admired of all time. Working on a cruise vessel has many added benefits besides high wages/ salaries or income, international travel to exotic destinations, meeting people from the higher end of society and many other things add to the attractions.

Ever wanted to go on a world tour? Well working on cruise ships could deliver you exactly that only with an added difference that it would be free. Since cruises are primarily based on tourism and holiday making, they visit many different famous places along the sea, often sailing from one famous place to another and making many stops before reaching the final destination. During off duty personnel are able to go off board and visit some of these places.

Income is the other added feature, unlike a normal job, working on cruise ships means that you will be getting a much higher wage compared to a land based job. To add to this some companies offer bonuses to personnel after working a certain period and there are tips that are shared among the crew. Considering the rich and wealth usually sail on cruise ships their tips can be rather high compared to what we tip the local waiter/waitress.

For the social people, you will be meeting up with lots of people when on these voyages. Depending on each persons characteristics every one eventually finds a person compatible to them and get on well socializing with each other. These factors put together brew a cocktail that work against the cruise ship companies.

working on cruise ships

working on cruise ships

These factors contribute towards the retirement of many personnel at an early age, the reason being the experience their dreams and earn substantial amounts of money at a young age. Since these two things hold main importance within the youngsters mind, as they achieve their interest, they are drown to other land based fields like settling down and staring their own business. The fact that personnel interact with wealthy clients on board cruise vessels also contributes toward the early retirement of personnel. They slowly build contacts with clients who may invite or offer them jobs on land based businesses.

All these factors may contribute to the constant requirement for personnel working on cruise ships but the void is soon filled as new personnel high on adrenalin and energy await to fill the vacancies made by their predecessors and accomplish their dream while being paid for it and enjoying the scene. Since few of us can resist the opportunity to work and enjoy and pursue or dream holiday.


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