World’s Largest Cruise Ship

Cruise ships have always been an obsession for the holiday lovers for years. We will now discuss one of the world’s largest cruise ship as of today. The world has seen many cruise ships and some of them are a class apart. We cannot discuss the entire world’s largest cruise ship in one article. This is why we have decided to pick up one of them.

Largest Cruise Ship In The World

The name that comes to the mind is the latest one that was added to the long list of world’s largest cruise ships. This name made it to the headlines and is so far the largest one we have ever seen. It is none other than the Allure of the Seas. The ship is the largest the world has seen so far. It is also one of the most luxurious and expensive. It is taller than the Nelson’s column. It is also longer than about four football grounds. We hope this will help you to understand how huge the ship actually is.

Allure Of The Seas

The Allure Of The Seas is the proud possession of the Caribbean International. Many tourists have shown huge interest in this ship. Allure Of The Seas is considered to be the largest passenger ship in the world. Interestingly it has a sister ship that is called Oasis Of The Seas. The Allure Of The Seas is only fifty millimeters longer than the Oasis Of The Seas. In spite of having the same structure due to this marginal difference in length, the Allure Of The Seas is considered to be the world’s largest cruise ship.

Allure Of The Seas

Allure Of The Seas

Facilities In The Largest Cruise Ship In The World

The Allure Of The Seas has a helipad. It has all the facilities that one can imagine on a ship. It has swimming pools, play grounds, ball rooms; it is a city actually floating on the sea. The passengers who have traveled in it claim the experience to be absolutely unbelievable. The passenger ship has been given a five star rating. It can hold up to five and a half thousand passengers at a given time. The Allure Of The Seas and the Oasis Of The Seas more or less have the same structure. They both have the best kid’s facilities in the world. They both have candy stores and home-made wooden carousel. The burger joint in these two sister ships, is the main attraction for the kids.

Allure-of-the-Seas Pool

Allure-of-the-Seas Pool

The Allure Of The Seas has a retail option too called the Guess Store. The ship also has regular screening of 3D shows. These shows are mostly taken from Dream Works. Each cabin is provided with an iPod dock. The cabins also have Kiosks by which they can bring the boarding passes and also keep a track of their bills. The new restaurants and food joints that you can enjoy in Allure are the boardwalk dog’s house and the Rita’s Cantina. They both serve unique delicacies to the guests.

Chicago is the new Broadway production that the Caribbean group has come up with. It is exclusively performed in Allure Of The Seas. The Allure Of The Seas has a number of shows that are performed to entertain the guests. When it comes to shopping Allure Of The Seas has good options too.

However, you must try shopping at Romero Britto. In here sea shell bags, umbrellas, key chains and shell jewellery are sold. These can be good options to buy for friends and family. Allure Of The Seas also has the first Starbucks that can be found on a ship.

The Allure Of The Seas has many temptations for all. Everyone from a child to an old man can enjoy the cruise in his or her way. They also have lady Gaga dance classes. There is a build your own pets’ option too in the Allure of the seas. One can also surf zip-line while on the ship. When you plan to board the Allure Of The Seas ensure that you carry enough cash as the temptations are indeed many.

The Allure Of The Seas recently introduced rock climbing in its list of activities. They also have a very powerful surf stimulator. When it comes to activities for the children on a cruise ship this is perhaps the best option. The Allure Of The Seas attracts mostly couples from thirties to fifties. This is exactly why there have been some options given for couples to spend a romantic time.

There is a central park that is a kid’s free space where the couples can enjoy a peaceful time. Most of the passengers in the Allure Of The Seas come from the United States. As the ship has become popular and it has been promoted as the world’s largest ship as well as an Oasis class ship. This has attracted a lot of passengers from Europe and United Kingdom too. The authorities believe that soon many more people from other parts of the world are expected to be a part of this ship.

Allure of the Seas 3

Allure Of The Seas 3

The Allure Of The Seas has a formal dress code. Most men are found in their suits and women in their cocktail dresses or evening gowns. The Allure Of The Seas is a week-long cruise. It is mostly for seven nights. Of these seven nights five are casual and two are formal nights. You must carry clothes accordingly. The interiors of the ship are beautiful. The rooms are spacious and the service that you get is unbelievable.

The passengers on Allure Of The Seas are charged a gratuity that is around twelve dollars per person for normal cabins and about fifteen dollars per person for a suite cabin. The bar tabs are often added with fifteen per cent gratuity. If you want to book the cruise for Allure Of The Seas you must book it in a little advance. There is a long waiting list for this cruise. You can book the same online too and make the payment online.

The cruise needless to say is a little more expensive from the others. However, the experience that you will have is undoubtedly timeless. The crew on the ship is well trained and they know how to take care of the guests. You can enjoy a good time with the family of yours and be assured of some great memories.

We hope by now you have got a good idea about Allure of the seas. It is the world’s largest cruise ship as we write this article. If you have a passion for cruise then you must try this awesome experience at least once. Many cruise ships have come and gone but the Allure Of The Seas is definitely a class apart.

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