Marine Radios

Marine radios have played a major continual role ever since the days of the Morse code and continue to bridge the communication gap between sailors and people on land even in the 21st century despite advances in modern technologies like wireless telephones and the internet. This is possible since the radio VHS wave lengths travel immense distances and massages can be relayed from one radio to another over vast distances and remains one of the cheapest and most reliable modes of communication in the shipping industry ever today.


Marine Radios

Marine Radios

Marine radios still plays a major role on board marine vessel today both big and small since the communication wave lengths are not restricted to distance and one is able to communicate or send distress signals on different wave lengths from most places around the world. Each company or vessel is assigned a unique wave length called a channel that he is to communicate on but most radio systems have an adjustable dial that the user can adjust to contact other radio channels that may be available around his vicinity in-case his channel is not being picked due to radio wave interruption by bad weather, geographical location or sheer distance from the next radio on the same channel.


Covering vast distances is made possible

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Marine Radios

Marine Radios

by having stations that boost the waves which in turn continue travelling by bouncing between the atmosphere and the ground as they travel. The radio officer on-board vessels also have powerful marine radios that he uses to communicate with the outside world and he is trained to maintain and repair the radio in case of failure while at sea or docked at a harbor. He must be capable to operate and maintain all communication equipment on-board the vessel without any hesitation.


Today ever though the marine radios still plays a major role in communication, modern technology such as satellite communication, mobile phones and the internet have helped ease the pressure on the radio. Today many sailors carry mobile phone that have roaming tariff that can be used from different networks around the world thus reducing the need for sailors to rely on the radio solely to communicate with loved ones. The devices are not as efficient as the radio since the signal wave lengths are shorter but signals are possible to get when vessel approach or come closer to land masses that have operating networks.


The satellite phone can also be used from any position on earth but it is very costly and mostly avoided only to be used during an emergency. One again with a communication gap sailors usually return to the old faithful marine radio through which they can communicate or send massages to loved ones while at sea. each day we see a new form of communication device being unveiled but the radio remains and plays a major part of the shipping community for its reliability which can easily be proven by the clear abundance of marine radios on-board most if not all marine vessel sailing the inland water ways and vast open seas around the world.

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