Is Lifejacket 100% Safe?

A common question that people often ask is lifejacket 100% safe? Well the answer to the question is very complicated. This is mainly because the answer is very situational. In some cases the lifejacket is 100% safe and in some cases it is not.


Marine Lifejackets

We will first try to understand the concept of the lifejacket. It is like a jacket that is put on a person who is getting into water, or rather in terms of marine context, the life saving gear which one dawns when one has to jump into the sea in an emergency.

It is mostly in orange colour since its very bright and visible from a distance in the normally blue ocean waters. So this ensures that when a person falls into the sea then the lifejacket and help us to locate them easily.

The lifejacket can be of any size and shape. They are meant for children as well as adults. In the flights the lifejacket used is required to be inflated by blowing air. In the ships the lifejackets that are used can be worn without blowing any air into them.

You can pick a lifejacket from any store or from any sports shop. The lifejacket can be a great way to save life. It has proved to be very vital in saving lives in sea and in rivers. Now that you know what exactly the lifejacket is we have to discuss if it is safe enough. Well it is true that the lifejacket can help you to float. As you are floating you cannot drown even if you are in a sea. A person wearing a lifejacket can be afloat even if he or she cannot swim.

The lifejackets have different qualities. You must ensure that you buy a lifejacket that is ISO certified. This way you will be rest assured that you get the best protection. The second point about lifejackets is that you should know how to wear them.

If you don’t wear the lifejacket properly you will not get the desired results. You must ensure that you learn to wear the lifejacket properly. If you have got a good quality lifejacket and have worn it correctly it becomes more or less about 100% secure.

When the sea is very rough it is difficult to stay afloat even with a lifejacket on. This is exactly when the lifejacket may not be able to help you. The waves are so strong that it can drift you far away as a result you may be lost in the sea.

The lifejackets are used in ships and in planes. They are provided to ensure that the passengers are safe and can be taken to a safe place easily. On the other hand we must say that lifejacket safety is a little on luck of the person too. Some may be saved with the help of the lifejackets as the sea was calm. If the sea is violent with too many waves then the lifejackets cannot succeed in keeping you afloat for long.

Another mistake people often do is that they feel there is enough time to wear a lifejacket. As soon as there is an emergency signal you must get a lifejacket on. It is quite possible that as you start losing time you will not get the chance to wear the lifejacket. It is true that lifejacket is more helpful for those who cannot swim.

This does not mean that if you are a great swimmer you can do without a lifejacket in the worst of sea storms. Everyone must ensure that they have the lifejacket on to ensure better safety.

Many accidents in the past have occurred because the lifejackets were not worn on time. Every lifeboat must have sufficient number of lifejackets. The IMO (International Maritime Organisation) has made strict guidelines for the use of lifejackets. The ISP (international safety products) is already planning an intelligent lifejacket. This will be more effective compared to the traditional lifejackets that we already have.

So the main point is that you must know how to use the lifejacket. Every shipping company must ensure that they have the best of the lifejackets available so that the crew members and the passengers on board are absolutely safe even in a disturbed sea. This is a factor that no one should neglect. After all safety is one of the most important things in sea.

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