Now shipping companies want armed guards on board their vessels

With piracy seeming unstoppable Indian shipping companies are asking the government to put armed guards on board vessels sailing in pirate hot spots. This proposal was passed to the government through the Indian national ship owners association. (INSA) they insist that there first choice would be naval armed guard but if is not possible that they would resort to private armed person on board ships. If this was also not possible than they would have to divert there vessels via the cape of good hope results in huge price hikes in shipping.

On the other hand the a navy spokesman says putting armed guards on board ships may result in violent confrontations between pirates and ships and may result in sinking of vessels. The navy is not able to patrol the whole Indian Ocean since they are many commercial vessels plying this route and there are few navy vessels. Talks are still on going to find a solution to the plight Indian ship owners are facing.







To read more on this topic: http://www.maritimeprofessional.com/Blogs/Indian-ship-owners-demand-Armed-Guards-on-ships/April-2011/Indian-ship-owners-demand-Armed-Guards-on-ships.aspx

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