Shipping Vessels are Poisoning Our Oceans

Several factors occurring around the oceans of the worlds have the global community worried. Garbage disposal, over fishing, over pollution are all poisoning our oceans and killing reefs and fish just to mention a few of the concerns. Oil tankers, cargo ships and military war vessels are extensively damaging coral reefs across the world. This is a serious concern to environmentalist and awareness must be raised regarding the issue with the hope of stopping it. Failure to take action now will lead to a definite collision with Mother Nature where we are sure to lose.

Poisoning Our Oceans

Poisoning Our Oceans

With nations racing to developed even bigger ships for commercial transport and the military the environment in paying the price. This is because the larger vessels require wider passages to safely sail. Where the reefs come in the way most coastal shipping authorities are simply blasting them and making way. Rather then do this the authorities could consider relocating the reefs since the support a huge number of marine life. Waste being produced by the ships is also supposed to be care fully stored and dumped in the high seas. This is convenient for the regions around the shipping lanes but few people consider the dangers the waste products pose to marine animals and fish. Garbage and human waste is poisonous when released in large amounts in one area. even though there is a strict regulation linked to waste disposal by marine vessels the dangers posed by the vessels is seldom discussed to the public. Research in to the dangers posed to marine life put the statistics higher than the damage posed by oils spills that occur once in a while. The publicity placed on the waste and pollution being spread by the shipping companies and military ships is therefore being covered up. The US, China and all other leading shipping nations are contributing immensely towards marine environmental damage. But all is not lots; some nations and organizations have placed huge efforts towards developing more reef areas and grow corals. Australia may be popular for having the larges coral reef globally “The Great Barrier Reef” but the nations has also participating in the constant development of new reefs in regions that may have experienced the damage. Several Carrabin islands that had also experience major coral reef destruction in the past have also realized the benefits of the reefs. They are also working hard towards replanting coral reefs.

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Poisoning Our Oceans

Poisoning Our Oceans

The residents at Caribbean islands have now realized firsthand what the corals help generate and its now time we consider looking in to the situation seriously. Shipping vessels must continue working since they distribute consumer products and good and must continue operating. The responsible organization thus needs to sit and create more awareness regarding the problem and help find better solutions. Unless we all take the situation seriously we may be leading ourselves in to global marine disaster as our oceans and seas get poisoned by shipping vessels while we sit oblivious of the danger to humanity.

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