Seawall Galveston

Seawall Galveston is a famous monument and stretch of beach in Texas. It is an island that looks like a natural wave breaker protects Texas City, but as it could be expected by humans many people have moved and settle at Galveston and today just under 60,000 people live on the island. As people began settling on the island the reality of living on a beachfront property that facing an ocean that is thousands of miles long began to trickle in. waves began rolling in and flooding the island since it would take the first hit and at full force.

Seawall Galveston

Seawall Galveston

In the early 19th century the global weather conditions were more stable and a critical lack of information led to settlements being developed on danger hot spots that would later be discovers. Sea wall Galveston is an island that has built a wall that extends much of the island resembling the front line of a war only this time not against a human enemy or hostile nation but from a force of nature that is uncontrollable. The only defense against the force of nature would be to construct dikes and sea walls to try and stop or reduce the amount of force the waves hit the island with.


Sadly this is not the only nation around the world that today has to consider resettling people whose homes and property are threatened by going under water as the sea reclaims the low lands. Venice is the most famous of all sinking cities and there are many more with each country bordering the sea or a ocean having at least one city, town or community settled onĀ  lowland that is in dire need to be relocated to higher land.


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The problem only gets worse as we travel deeper

Seawall Galveston

inhabited low islands of the south pacific

in to the south pacific were you find entire nations that are being threatened by rising seas and bad weather conditions. Classified records tell of nations that were entirely wiped out after bad weather and tsunamis in the south pacific as there was no way of detecting the catastrophes. Today the technology exists that gives warming in advance and prevents disaster but the technology cannot help stop the effects of pollution that is responsible for global warming and drastic weather pattern changes.

Were possible intervention is under way with the construction of barriers like seawall Galveston, these walls scare the landscape but have proven to be a reliable defense against rough waves that could batter shore lines unexpectedly and cause the loss of life and property. The problem may be getting worse as the sea levels rise ever higher each year and compromise the previously built sea wall heights. The future may seem uncertain for settlements on low lying land of property on sea and ocean beaches but we should be not lost as humanity has an uncanny determination to prosper and solve problems that may seem to have no solution in sight. We must not lose hope and concentrate on ways of relocating the affected people rather than sit back and waiting to see what happens.

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