Law Against Maritime Piracy & The U.N.O.

Maritime piracy is as old as the use of high seas for trade and commerce. The recent rise in attacks by Somali pirates has renewed the world’s interest in ship piracy as a crime committed on the high seas. Today the implications of a pirate [...]

Ship vs Boat – The Comparison

Author – Kavita Desai Ship vs Boat Story The most basic difference between a Boat and a Ship is that Ships are larger than boats. While Ships are vessels involved in transoceanic trips and deep water transport, and have one regular main [...]

Why Is The Ocean Blue?

  The color of water is not fixed to a single color. Turquoise, blue black, green, blue green are the various colors in which ocean water occurs. Often the color of the sky is stated as the reason for the ocean waters to be blue. The sky [...]

Marine Certification and Education

Marine Certification There are various kinds of jobs for ship officers and crew, which require specialized marine certification and education. This is obvious since the job roles of sailors can be mainly be grouped into either marine engineers [...]

General Information

The other sections of this website deal with specific information as related to diesel engines, auxiliary machineries, boats, marine law, employment and so forth. However there might be some things which do not fill well into any of the above [...]