Ship Diesel Engines

Ship Diesel Engines Most ships and other forms of water crafts use diesel engines for providing the necessary propulsion power to the vessel. Of course I used the word “most” since there are other forms of power as well such as steam and [...]

Alternative Maritime Power

A ship is a huge amalgamation of various machines. These machines run on power and most of them are major consumer of powers. Power consumption by a ship while on sail and while moored are different and need to be analyzed separately. In this [...]

Lifeboat Drill on a Ship

<strong>Introduction: <blockquote>                                                                             Once you have unpacked or may be even earlier than that, [...]

What Is Dredging: Dredger Ships Explained

A dredger is basically a type of boat. Its name derives from the equipment called dredge, that it has for dredging/scraping the seabed, thereby gathering sediments, which are later on deposited at various locations. Thus, dredgers are often [...]

Somali Pirates Sentenced to Five Years Imprisonment

A court in the town of Mombasa, Kenya has sentenced seven Somalis to go through five years imprisonment for acts of piracy. The gang was convicted of attacking the German Navy tanker FGS Spessart in the Gulf of Aden on March 29 of the last year. [...]

What are Catamarans?

Catamarans or cats as they are called in marine lingo are type of water craft with twin hull structure and a mast at the center. Hulls are the water tight bodies of the boat below the deckhouse. The two hulls are joined by some structure with [...]

Marine Safety Center

This section of the website acts as the marine safety center dealing with various aspects of maritime safety. Actually the subject matter of maritime safety is associated mostly taken care of in the various courses covered under the STCW convention [...]