What is a Cargo Plan?

There is no dispute about the fact that marine vessels were primarily developed to be able to transport people and cargo in bulk. Leaving aside a few types of vessels all vessels moving towards the sea are laden with cargo. It is important for [...]

The Great Oil Spill of 2010-The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

The BP Oil Disaster On the fateful day of April 20,2010, an explosion occurred on a British Petroleum (BP) oil drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. This explosion was responsible for starting one of the largest oil spills that the world has experienced. [...]

Bulker Ships

Bulker Ships International Convention for safety of life at sea(SOLAS) defines bulk carrier as “single deck, top side tanks and hopper side tanks in cargo spaces and intended to primarily carry cargo in bulk; an ore carrier; or a combination [...]

Different Types of Cargoes on a Ship

Different Types of Cargoes on a Ship Cargoes are goods transported on different carriers/vehicles/means of transport from one place to another for economic reasons. Generally cargo is used for goods transported through air or water. There are [...]

Major Sea Ports of India

Major Seaports of India India boasts of a coastline that stretches up to 5700 kms. along the mainland and additional 7500 kms. along the two islands. India is lucky to have major water bodies on its two sides that is the east as well as the [...]