The largest oil Tanker In The World

The Largest Oil Tanker In The World Oil tankers are supposed to be one of the gigantic-sized type of water vehicles. They may be 350 mt high on average which is higher than Statue of Liberty and Eiffel tower. The largest oil tanker in the world [...]

What’s in a Name:Ship Names and Conventions?

What’s in a Name: Ship Names and Conventions? Shakespeare’s famous remark “What’s in name” doesn’t comply with humans and so doesn’t with ships. They have to be named and recognized because without the names, they shall make the [...]

Major Sea Ports of the World

Major Seaports of the world A seaport is the place on the coast or shore where there are one or more docks where ships can dock and the cargo and its passengers can move to and from the land. These are chosen to make optimal use of the navigable [...]

Roll on-Roll off Ships(Types of Ships)

Types of Ships: Roll on/Roll off Ships 75% of land is covered with water; hence it must be put to optimum use for transporting various goods from one place to another. There are various other means of transport like cars, trucks; etc which are [...]

Ship Engine Room Heat Balance

The system of heat balance which we are using on the board ship is that of forced ventilation. The forced ventilation is carried out by  means of a fan which is driven by electric motor (usually three phase). The purpose of utilizing three [...]