Coast Guard

Coast guard refers to a national organization that deals with different situations that happen on the coast line or at sea. The organization responsibilities vary from country to county, from using military enforcement action to voluntary services [...]

Ship Fire Fighting: Hazards At Sea

Due to isolated existence and confined nature of residence of the sailors on board ships, fire is a dangerous hazard that every seaman fears. Regular fire fighting drills are held aboard vessels while on voyage or docked. Fire fighting aids. Developments [...]

Bilge Water Production on Ships

Bilge is the term used for water and oil that accumulate in the part of marine vessels called the bilge, due to leakage or carelessness. The bilge is the lower bottom of the ship that forms a wedge shape. This shape attracts liquids which accumulate [...]

Online Marine Talent Contest #1

In this debut online marine talent contest, participants will be required to answer 10 questions from different sections within this website. The person who scores the highest shall be eligible for US$ 1000.00. Participants are required to [...]

Marine Pipelines

Under water pipelines also called marine pipelines are built with the main objective to transport oil, gas and water from off shore rigs to land based processing plant and storage facilities. These underwater pipelines are constructed to provide [...]

Vessel Pumps

Pumps play a major part in marine vessel operations as they contribute in many different aspects from cooling, ventilation and disposal of waste, to name a few, among many more. A variety of liquid, air and vacuum pumps are used on board ships [...]
Learn Morse Code

Learn Morse Code

Morse code was a type of language that was developed to communicate over long distances. It was developed by Samuel. F B Morse in order to make his telegraph communicable to different people of the world. to learn the morse code a series of [...]

Record Broken as Drill Ship Sinks Well at 10294 feet

The record depth of 10011 feet set in 2003 by discoverer deep sea for chevron of the U S Gulf of Mexico was shattered by 183 feet by Dhirbai deepwater KG2 drill ship. It has set this new record of the Indian coast by drilling under water at [...]

Captured Somali Pirate To Be Sentenced In D.C.

After pleading guilty to attacking two ships of the Somali coastline, An Somali pirate awaits conviction in Washington D.C. He awaits conviction of attacking a Danish ship and accepting a ransom of US$ 1.7 million and could be sentenced to 25 [...]

Ports Barely Operational In Libya

With the ongoing power struggle in Libya it was reported that some ports were still operating as of 4/4/2011. There has been fierce fighting between rebels and government loyalist in the country for the past few weeks and oil production has [...]