Female Marines

Due to the hard nature of being a marine makes some women avoid joining the service. Intensive/ hard training and the realization of living out at sea for months at a time add to the reluctance of becoming women marines. Today there is more [...]

Inert Gas Systems on Ships

  Installation of inert gas systems aboard tanker ships is to minimize the danger of explosion or fire on cargo tankers. This is an ever existent danger because of the nature of the cargo which the tankers carry. In order to reduce the [...]

Marine Boilers

Unlike today when ships are propelled using internal combustion engine or nuclear power in the past in the past marine boilers were used aboard ships as a means of propulsion. They boil water till it has become steam under pressure than it is [...]

International Maritime Organization

Also known as IMO the organization is a United Nation agency that is responsible for security and safety of shipping. It is also in charge of checking that vessels are not polluting the water that they sail in. History Shipping is the main [...]