Tug Boat Engines

Due to the nature of the job they do tug boat engines must be very powerful to be able to accomplish the duties assigned to them. There is a variety of different engines to suite each tug but they all have characteristics that are similar to [...]

Meaning Of Bulkhead On A Ship

The term means partitioning, and walls used to divide a given area are referred to as bulk head. To make it easier for a common man to understand bulk heads are like the walls that divide your house to create different rooms. On ships these [...]

Submarine Sailors

Considered to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world, submarine sailors face many challenges during service. Many people consider being in marine service being a challenging job but this job beats most of them. Cooped under water for [...]

Sunken Chinese Ship Found

A Chinese’s ship that had sunken and was never recovered was found last week. Laying at the bottom of the sea near Bhitarkanika National Park the vessel seemed to have drifted with the current to its current location. The vessel which had [...]

Towing Boats In Shipping

These marine vessels are primarily used for towing and pushing barges and guiding ships while maneuvering in narrow water ways. They are very powerful boats with flat fronts used to push ships and barges in to position. Tow boats have a characteristic [...]

A Day As a Seafarer

Depending on each individuals rank a day as a seafarer will have his fare share of work on board the vessel. Responsibilities for each member must be carefully and accurately being done on board vessels since everyone is expected to do his duty [...]

Life at Sea Now and Then

Life at sea know and than has changed dramatically compared to when Christopher Columbus and other seafarers took to the seas in the late 1400s. In those days life was unpredictable and those brave men took on the challenges to discover and [...]

Why We Don’t Hear Enough About Seafarers?

These are people who spend weeks or months at a time out in the open ocean, with none other than the crew they sail with being the main reason we don’t hear about seafarers. This is also a form of isolation that they experience and need to [...]

A World without Sea Farers

Today some sea farers face major obstacles in their profession but this does not mean we will be having a world without sea farers anytime soon, we should never the less consider what would happen if they weren’t there. Many problems [...]

Sea Farers Day

To appreciate the contributions made by the sea farer’s towards international marine trade, the IMO members agreed to designate a day “Day of the Sea farer’s” that will be marked annually on 25 June. This date was dedicated [...]