Working on Cruise Ships

Described as one of the most interesting jobs on the globe working on cruise ships, the industry is constantly searching for new employees to work on the vessels. It is said that all good things come with a price. Research shows that many people [...]

Join The Coast Guard

Each nation has different rules of how to join the coast guard. With most having it as a voluntary option some have it as a compulsory part that each citizen has to serve for a certain duration for their nations military services. The choice [...]

Super Tanker

The past century can be noted for the construction of the super tanker and as we proceed in to the future we expect to see even larger tankers than we have today. The super tanker was primarily built to carry crude oil. With the increase in [...]

Drunken Sailor

Unfortunately the sailor has been associated with alcohol consumption in many of the stories that have been told. A drunken sailor seems to captivate the imagination of the audience since the intoxication makes him difficult to predict and the [...]

Ship Master

Also known as a captain or master the ship master has ultimate power and is responsible for the taking all decisions on board the vessel under his control. It is a well known fact that to be able to organize and get work done properly and efficiently [...]

Tracking Container Ships

As you may experience recently, there has been substantial changes in the postal parcel department. The ability to track your letter or parcel as it moves towards its destination has helped reduce stress that parcel sender had in the past. Today [...]

Ship Containers

Without any doubt ship containers have contributed largely to world trade. They were used by ancient vessel as well to store cargo during voyages and as time passed them slowly transformed from wooden containers to steel. This is because steel [...]