Ship Containers

Without any doubt ship containers have contributed largely to world trade. They were used by ancient vessel as well to store cargo during voyages and as time passed them slowly transformed from wooden containers to steel. This is because steel [...]

Aluminum vs. Steel Tankers

Tanker material has to always be considered before construction of a marine tanker. Critical points like the size and the liquid type it will be carrying must be considered before choosing the type of metal to be used on a marine takers storage [...]

Container Ship Prices

Transporting the majority of export goods produced by small industry around the world, they are some of the most common marine vessels spotted on the open ocean thus making container ship prices relatively high compared to other vessels. The [...]

Marine Engineer

Over 95% of export and import relies on sea and the demand of more advanced ships are in need in the 21st century making the marine engineer the focus of attention, towards developing new vessels, components and training personnel to work on [...]

Ship Building Tools

Ship building has seen many advances since the days of the wooden vessels of the Vikings, which required craftsmen with the best skills and ship building tools to build a vessel that would be able to sail. Today their technology has almost vanished, [...]

Traditional Sailors Tattoos

Still common among many sailors today, traditional sailor tattoos were made to make the wearer look intimidating, strong and courageous. According to historical records sailors began printing tattoos on their bodies in the 1700s after the legendary [...]

Ownership of Shipping Companies

Who own shipping companies? Shipping companies are owned by a variety of different people. It is not like shipping industry has special constraints towards ownership of shipping company rights but a good understanding of shipping could help [...]

What Did Sailors Eat?

Great advances have not only been made on the engineering front but have also been made towards sanitation and nutrition. It has been asked by many people what did sailors eat. Pioneer sailors have limited sized vessels that could carry only [...]

STCW – Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping

First drafted in 1978 the STCW (standards of training, certification and watch keeping did not make many changes, and had little impact on the mariners around the world. Making it a regulation that a captain or master needed a minimum of 4 years [...]

Seafarers International Union

As any other field, where many people have a common type of work but work for different organizations, they have to form a union that regulates and protects their rights. Seafarers international union like many other unions common today have [...]