Offloading Oil from Tankers – Procedure Explained

Offloading oil from tankers may sound like a easy procedure since many people presume the crude oil to be viscose and easy to pump out like purring coke in to a glass but this is not the case and can be best compared to removing cold vegetable [...]

Effect Of Chinese Aircraft Carriers On US Naval Interest

China has been the only permanent member of UN Security Council without an aircraft carrier. The acquisition of aircraft carrier by China has various reasons behind it which still remains unexplored. However, its effects on US Naval interests [...]

Israeli Shipping Companies

Israel is a nation that has seen nothing less that hostility from neighboring countries as well as far of nations that have been constantly attacking it for the past few decades this hostile relation with nations surrounding Israel has prompted [...]

Usual Family Issues Among Seafarers

High risk jobs like the air force, marines army or just being a sailor are all alike in one aspect “family complications” usual Family issues among seafarers is a common thing that many seafarers must endure through their career and for [...]