wave hub

Wave Hub Launched

The UK has launched a project expected to produce a huge amount of electrical power with the help of waves. The wave hub is expected to produce electricity by using the power of the waves meaning there would be no danger or worries of shortages [...]
Maine Shipbuilding

Maine Shipbuilding: The Great History

Maine shipbuilding history does back centuries back to the native Indian times. Maine was first used by the native Indians to build water craft that would be used to conduct trade and transport goods between communities that lived on the banks [...]
Oil Tanker Routes

Oil Tanker Routes

Oil tanker routes are relatively fixed in the same way that dry cargo, grain carriers or container vessels maintain shipping route. Many shipping companies have several different vessels which are assigned to different routes that are predetermined [...]

Facilities For Injured Servicemen

  With recent increase in questioning of the naval medical facilities towards their role in the rehabilitation of navy sailors that lost limbs while at service, they have release news that they are conducting tests and training to help [...]
oil tankers chartering

Oil Tankers Chartering

Oil tankers chartering plays an important role in the shipping industry as well as many other industries that have intense competition among themselves. To avoid conflict and improve the shipping industry environment there must be chartering [...]
ship starting

Starting Ship Engines

Starting ship engines and ship starting are two but similar terms that are usually confused by readers, the two have to totally different meanings and using the wrong keyword while searching could land an internet surfer with results that are [...]
marine pollution

Marine Pollution

No doubt our mother nature provided us with all what we needed. It is very sad to know that the same nature is being destroyed by us. Mother always wants to see her child happy, but it is very sad that the same child exploits her. Nowadays the [...]
Man Overboard Survival

Man Overboard Survival

This may be one of the most feared situations that sailors have, and man overboard survival techniques and training sessions are held during ship crewman training and on-board vessels a regular intervals. It could be a scary situation to have [...]
Marine Pump Parts

Marine Pump Parts

On board marine vessels there are many different pumps, and having uniform marine pump parts helps maintenance efforts on board sailing vessels since there are fewer parts carried on board the vessel. Since marine pumps range in different [...]
marine port engineer

Port Engineer Marine

A typical port engineer marine division will report to the marine operations manager, he has many responsibilities that can be places under his supervision and in most cases the job comes with huge responsibilities and demands that require successful [...]