Libya Shipping After Gadafi

What Does the Future Hold for Libyan Shipping Companies after Gadafi?

It has been a gruesome conflict which has taken many fighters lives over the past few months. The conflict had stopped the shipping industry on its tracks but some defiant aid ships were still operating in Libyan waters during the uprising [...]
Egyptian Rulers Using Nile

Nile Cruise Ships

The Gift of the Nile crosses through probably some of the most hostile African nations. Beginning from Victoria and also the highlands of Ethiopian, Nile cruise ship records provide the rivers reputation for intruders and piracy of ships sailing [...]
Shipbuilding Myths

Shipbuilding Myths

When man began adventuring on boats and ships out at sea some centuries back there was little in the form of technology or answers to mysterious events that happened so many sailor and shipbuilding myths developed as a result of this inability [...]
Effects of Sea Wall on Shore Lines

Effects of Sea Wall on Shore Lines

The beauty of the sea shore with the waves smothering on the beach, make each human-being exited and grateful. The prospect to visiting an ocean or sea shore “at least once” in a person’s life is a dream that all people share, yet today [...]
Future Shipbuilding

Future Shipbuilding

Ship building has seen some of the greatest and strongest man made moving objects being developed in the past century but this advance may have changed direction from chasing just size to considering other aspects as well of future shipbuilding [...]
coast guard sniffer dog

Drug Smuggling Container Ships

The 21stcentury has noted a rise in drug smuggling container ships, due to the rising demand for illegal drugs around the world. This has prompted many coast guard vessels patrolling international waters to conduct surprise searches on board [...]
coast guard patch

Coast Guard Patches

The military is well distinguished for badges, medals and parches that they wear on their uniforms while on service. Many civilians do not know of it but all service personnel get these badges to show there designation and rank and this includes [...]