Unstick marine piston rings

Unstick Piston Rings on Marine Vessels

Unlike your car, to unstick piston rings when overhauling or servicing big ship engines could be a harder task than many mechanical engineers anticipates due to the size of marine vessel engines. This has played havoc for many mechanics as they [...]
Viking Marine Hardware

Viking Marine Hardware

Viking marine hardware is usually confused by many for the Viking sailors that dominated the open seas some centuries back but to the experience sailor Viking marine hardware word automatically ring a bell, realizing that the is a famous marine [...]
ship port holes

Ship Port Hole

The ship port hole or also known as the ship side scuttle by some is most likely round in shape, port holes are found on an array of different craft besides marine vessels but they seem to be more obvious on marine vessels. Space craft, air [...]
alloy marine hardware

Bronze Marine Hardware

Marine vessels must use considerable amounts of bronze marine hardware and alloy marine hardware due to the corrosive conditions that they work under. Using normal steel or unprotected metals results in corrosion that could leave a vessel crippled [...]
Container Ship Travel

Container Ship Travel

Described as a challenging job, container ship travel does not require specialized experience compared to some other marine vessels sailing across the oceans. Container ship travels is relatively fixed since many vessels have their route planned [...]
shipping flares

Shipping Flares

Shipping flares also known as marine flares fall under the marine safety category and they have been used since the down of shipping to send distress signals high in to the sky to try and alert passing vessels concerning impending danger a vessel [...]

Coast Guard Tattoos

Portraying superiority coast guard tattoos have been adopted by many service personnel for different reasons. The tattoo is a symbol that has been adopted by the military or people who are posted in isolated places that have limited moving space [...]
coast guard sea pay

Coast Guard Sea Pay

As on any other government services coast guard sea pay scales depend on rank, experience and station posting with individuals involved in more hazardous jobs and those with more experience and selected categories getting more pay scales than [...]
coast guard crash

Coast Guard Crash

Hearing of a coast guard crash is not an event that one expects to hear in the daily news, but for those who work or serve in the coast guard it is a reality that they must be prepared for on a daily basis. Compared to other law enforcement [...]
Bulk Carrier Oils

Bulk Carrier Oils

Bulk carrier oils are some of the most important marine vessels that sail the high sea today, many would associate these vessels to carry crude oil but they are many different products they carry that we use on a daily basis. There are many [...]