Women In Merchant Navy

Since the human civilization started in most of them women were considered as the weaker sex and were confined to the four walls of the house. They were not considered as bread earners. However, the concept has changed in the last few decades [...]

Why Should we Celebrate Seafarer’s Day?

Seafarers or sailors are people who travel from one country to another shipping goods and other material. They are called mariners, navy officers, sailors, etc. The job is very challenging and equally important for the trade and the commerce [...]

Which is the Deepest Ocean And Where?

Earth is a mysterious planet with secrets that no one can ever unfold. One such mystery is that of the Mariana Trench. It is also known as the deepest ocean on earth. The location is western part of the Pacific Ocean. The depth of this is expected [...]

What Do You Do After You Quit Sailing Or Retire?

Well it’s a little ironic. Most of us plan to sail to distant countries once we retire and see the whole world, explore exotic locations, etc. However, for a sailor I t is quite different. They retire from sailing and have seen the whole world [...]

The Science Behind Bermuda, If It’s There

Bermuda triangle is a topic that we all have read about somewhere or the other. It is something that has been fascinating the generations. The scientists have proposed many theories against the mysterious disappearance of ships and planes in [...]

Should Sailors be getting Shorter Contracts?

The job of a sailor is to take good loaded in a ship and move it from one country to another. This is a simple definition. There are more to it on lines that the job they do make a huge difference to the economy of the country that they are [...]

Role of IMO in Sea Trade and Welfare of Seafarers

IMO stands for International maritime organization. It is a body that helps to protect and safeguard the sailors and others who work on high seas. Ships were originally used for trading. Even today not much has changed almost ninety precept of [...]

Pros and Cons of Shipping Jobs

Shipping job means that you spend a good number of month and years on the ship, travelling from one country to the other. The job is exciting indeed but there are many disadvantages too. However, if you look at it deeply you will realize that [...]

The Mystery of Lochness Lake

A mystery is always fascinating to everyone. We all want to crack at least one mystery in our life time don’t we? Well we have always heard of different types of mysteries that rule the world. In this article today we are going to discuss [...]

A Brief on IMO

IMO is also known as the International Maritime organization. It is a specialized agency that was started by the United Nations organisation with the sole intention of better protection being provided to the ships and prevention of marine [...]