Marine Superintendent Salary

Marine superintendent as the name itself suggests it is a big role that one plays in the ships. It involves a lot of responsibility. We will now discuss about the role in more details and the salary that is generally given out to a marine superintendent. [...]

Deck Cadet Vacancies

Before we get into the discussion of deck cadet vacancies, let us try and understand what exactly is a deck cadet and what is his job. Well as the name suggests it is a naval job. A job that is very popular in navy. It is the apprenticeship [...]

Advanced STCW Courses

There are many courses and subjects that a mariner needs to know in order to make it big in their career. We will now discuss about one such course and it is called the advanced STCW. STCW stands for standards of training certification and [...]

Basic STCW Courses

STCW stands for standards of training certification and watch keeping. This is a training that is said to be compulsory for both the new as well as the existing mariners. It is a comprehensive course that prepares one for a great future in [...]

Marine Navigation & Collision Regulations

Collisions in the high sea a quite common every year a lot of ships and vessels collide in the ocean and lead to loss of life and money. We cannot avoid these collisions absolutely that too when the traffic in sea is so high. More and more ships [...]

Preventing Collisions at Sea

Collisions in the high sea are very common. Some are minor and some are absolutely devastating. We are now going to discuss a little about this. Very less has been written about these. However, the matter is a serious one. Lots of lives and [...]

Belize Registry

Let us first try and understand what exactly Belize registry actually is before we move into the various details. It was originally known as British Honduras. It is situated in east coast of Central America. Belize played a pivotal role in Mayan [...]

Panama COC

Panama COC is also termed as Panamanian COC (certificate of competency). It is a vital certification for all mariners who want to increase their job opportunities. It gives them the certification to operate in a Panamanian flagged vessel. These [...]

MERI Entrance Exam

Marine engineering and merchant Navy is a very lucrative career option for all those who have just come out of school and college. The job promises a good pay and also ensures that the students make a great and successful career that also promises [...]

Ship Breaking in Bangladesh

Well lets first try an understand what exactly is ship breaking. Ships are huge vessels made of metals and steel. When a ship gets old, it becomes absolutely impossible to repair and re use it. Sometimes due to accidents too the ships becomes [...]