Sulzer Diesel Engines

Diesel engines are widely used in ships. Well if you have ever seen a ship engine you will know how huge it actually is. It is not only huge but also very complex. There are very few companies in the world who specialise in making a ship engine. [...]

Types of Ships/Boats – Quiz 1

Take our quiz to find out how much you know about facts related to types of ships. If you complete this quiz in 5 minutes our system will record your details and we will put your name in a lucky draw and have surprise gifts for you. So just [...]
Bulk Carriers

Types Of Sailing Ships

There are various types of ships that sail in the oceans. We will now discuss a few of them. This will help you to understand the types of ships and how they are used. I hope after reading this article you will have a fair idea about the type [...]

Maritime Piracy Statistics

Piracy and robbery at the sea is a common phenomenon that the shipping industry all over the world has to face. The pirates are a group of people who wait for a chance to rob or steal articles form a ship. They also take hostages and demand [...]
Can mariners immigrate to Australia

Can Mariners Immigrate To Australia?

A question that mariners often ask is, can mariners immigrate to Australia? We will in this article try to discuss this issue with more details. I hope this will help you to understand the issue of immigration better. Well you can immigrate [...]

Ship Building

Ship and boat building began hundreds of years ago. It was prompted by the requirement of people to move across water bodies in search of resources. Initially ships and boats were built using wood. This restricted their size and strength; never [...]

How To Prevent Sea Sickness?

Sea sickness is a very common phenomenon on ships that anyone can face. The concept is quite similar to motion sickness that many people suffer from when they travel by road. We will tell you all about sea sickness and how to prevent sea sickness. It [...]
B&W Ship Engines

B&W Ship Engines

If you thought that B&W engines were meant only for motor vehicles then you might be surprised to know that B&W ship engines are also available. They are used to propel huge ships. They have a long history of manufacturing world class [...]
Diary of Mariner's Wife

Diary Of A Mariner’s Wife

Mariners are those who work at the high sea. They spend months away from family and friends. They work for shipping companies. Once they are in a contract they cannot take leaves unless it is an emergency or a health concern. Marriage is a [...]
how to prevent corrosion

How To Prevent Corrosion In Sea Structures?

Corrosion is a slow process by which metal gets rusted with time due to humidity in the air. The metal as a result becomes brittle and falls apart. Corrosion can happen anywhere but near sea shores and places where these are more humidity in [...]