Seaman Book

Seaman Book: What Is A Marine CDC?

Today we are going to touch upon a very simple topic which is quite confusing for beginners, namely that of a seaman book or a marine CDC. Do you know what is a CDC and why is it required in marine jobs? What Is the Seaman Book? A seaman book [...]
What is a hydroplane

What Is A Hydroplane?

Do you know what is a hydroplane and what is it used for? Basically as the name “hydro+plane” itself suggests, the word is a combination of hydro and plane, or water and plane. To put it in the simplest of terms, a hydroplane is [...]
Ship Trip

My Trip To The Ship: Memories Of A Childhood Voyage

This article has been prepared after knowing the thoughts of an 8 years child (who is a teenager now) but his name and identity are kept anonymous considering the wishes of the person. The thoughts of the child as portrayed by the current teenager [...]

Rising Costs Of Bunkers

If you are a land-man (a self made phrase corresponding to a sea-man – or woman for that matter) you are surely concerned about rising fuel prices by the day. Yet you might find solace in the fact that the shipping industry has much more [...]
Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

Institute Of Chartered Shipbrokers

Apart from marine engineers and navigating officers, which are the relatively better known marine jobs, there are also people working on the ground such as shipbrokers. We will discuss the job role of shipbrokers in some other article, but [...]
Container Ships

Containerization: Vital Component Of Today’s Shipping Industry

Around 90% of the non-bulk cargo around the world is moved via transport ships stacked with containers as of today. Containerization is one of the most convenient and preferred forms of moving cargo in today’s times and the times gone by. [...]

Eight Tips for Buying an Overhead Crane

Cranes are used on ships both inside the engine room as well as on the deck (for certain types of ships) mainly for lifting heavy loads. Overhead cranes are found in most ships. In this  article we will discuss eight tips to buy an overhead [...]
Panama Canal Locks

Who Built The Panama Canal & Why?

Even if you are not a mariner, its quite possible that you have heard about the Panama Canal. But do you actually know who built the Panama Canal and more importantly what is the feature that makes it so different from other normal canals, apart [...]

Merchant Navy vs. Land Jobs

Every job comes with a list of advantage and disadvantage. We will now discuss about the pros and cons of a merchant navy job. The discussion is basically about Merchant Navy vs. Land Jobs. A merchant navy officer has many challenges that make [...]
Totally Enclosed Lifeboat

Totally Enclosed Lifeboat For Ships

Life boats are commonly used in ships. They are used in times of emergency to survive the rough waters. We will now discuss something about totally enclosed lifeboats. As the name itself suggest these boats are completely enclosed. They ensure [...]