Sailors Women and Wine

Sailors, Women & Wine: Myths vs Facts

The sailors are often associated with women and wine. It is believed that the lives of sailors revolve around these elements. This is exactly why many women even today don’t want to marry a mariner. They have the fear that the long distance [...]
Negotiating with Marine Pirates

Art of Negotiating With Pirates

Pirates are a constant threat that the mariners face when at the sea. The pirates sometimes take hostages and there have been cases where some mariners even lost their lives. When a ship is caught by the pirates the situation is a tense one [...]
Life on Ship

Life On A Ship: The Inside Story

For most people outside the maritime world, there are two opposite views about life on a ship for mariners and seamen. Some believe that the life is ultra luxurious with loads of money and global travelling, while the other school of thought [...]
Cattle Carrier Ship

Cattle Carriers: Lifeline Of Livestock

Cattle carriers are huge ships that are designed in such a way that they can carry livestock. Cattle are a very important commodity that is transported by the sea. The cattle carriers are basically used to import and export cattle. Most of [...]