Merchant Marine Tax Laws

Merchant Marine Tax Deductions

As we know mariners may have to sail for months at a stretch. This is a very demanding job though with good returns financially speaking. Yet do you know what is the tax slab for mariners. We have tried to explain the tax liability of mariners [...]
Ancient Greek Ships

Greece – The Ancient Marine Power

The sea transport is an old form of transport. It has been used for years to transport people and cargo. There are many countries that have left a significant mark in sea transport. We will now discuss about one such marine power. Greece – [...]
Ship Trim

What Is Ship Trim And Its Effect On Ship Stability?

The ship is a huge vessel that floats in the open sea. We have often seen ships being caught in bad weather. Have you ever wondered how a ship maintains it stability in the rough weather? Well a lot of engineering and calculation goes into the [...]
Ship Gangway

What Is A Ship Gangway?

In marine knowledge our aim is to ensure that the reader knows almost all the aspects about sea and mariners. We will now discuss about one such aspect it is called the gangway. I am sure that you must have seen it a number of times but you [...]
Ship Keel

What Is The Ship Keel?

In today’s post about “what is a ship keel”, we are going to talk about the important aspect of naval architecture and ship design, namely the ship’s keel. The structural ship keel is the beam around which the hull of [...]