Naval Academy Ezhimala

Indian Naval Academy Ezhimala

In this article we will discuss the details about Indian Naval Academy Ezhimala. It is considered to be one of the best institutes in India when it comes to The Indian Navy. It is located in Kannur district in Kerala. The Indian Naval Academy [...]
Marine Jobs

Do I Have To Pay For A Marine Job?

There days the shipping world is also facing a sort of recession in tune with the global phenomenon and jobs are a bit scarce compared to the number of applicants. This is more true of freshers, juniors and lesser experienced people, than for [...]
Oil Rig

Life On An Oil Rig

Getting a job in an oil rig is a dream for many. The reason being that oil rig jobs pay very well. We will now discuss life on an oil rig in more detail. The point is to put forward a realistic picture so the people who are interested in these [...]
How Are Islands Formed

How Islands Are Formed?

Talking of marine or sea stuff and you cannot overlook the fascinating term called islands. Do you know how islands are formed? Firstly let us understand what is meant by an island. Basically an island is a piece of the sub continental land [...]
INS Vikramaditya

INS Vikramaditya: New Era In Sea Combat

You must have heard of refurbished cars, refurbished mobiles or something but have you ever heard of refurbished ships, that too a major warship. Well I am not talking about any toy ship but a real massive and the latest Naval Warship of the [...]
Lifejackets on Ships

Is Lifejacket 100% Safe?

A common question that people often ask is lifejacket 100% safe? Well the answer to the question is very complicated. This is mainly because the answer is very situational. In some cases the lifejacket is 100% safe and in some cases it is not. We [...]