Shipbuilding Industry India

Shipbuilding Industry In India

In this article we will discuss in details about the shipbuilding industry in India. Indian ship building industry is an old and matured one. There are twenty eight ship yards in the country. Of these eight are in the public sector. The rest [...]
INS Sindhurakshak

Pre-Independence Day Mishap: INS Sindhurakshak Goes Down

On the eve of the Independence Day when India is all geared up to celebrate this great moment, a disaster occurred in the armed forces as one of the submarines of the Indian Navy mysteriously caught fire through an explosion and sank while it [...]

What Is An Outboard Boat Engine?

We often keep talking about big ocean liners and ships given the main theme of the website is based around that. Today we will be talking about outboard boat engines, which are commonly found in smaller boats but not on ships. What is an Outboard [...]
UnderWater Ship Wreck

Underwater Ship Wrecks: Is It Practical To Find Sunken Ships?

The sea is an immensely useful source of water transport where ships of all types sail across the globe, transporting different types of cargoes from one place to the other, or even passenger ships which are for leisure purposes. Yet sometimes [...]
VGP 2013

VGP II – Changes In 2013

VGP or Vessel General Permit refers to the set of regulations which the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency issued in 2008 and are expiring in December 2013, and will be replaced by the next version of VGP. Scope of Application The VGP [...]