Importance Of Search and Rescue Patterns

The importance of search and rescue patterns is relevant since not matter how ever developed our means may of transportation may get, the possibility of an emergency arising due to an accident or other reasons cannot be ruled out. The moment [...]
UnderWater Welding

Under Water Welding And Ships

Welding we all know is an activity of getting two metal plates together by using high temperature to get them fused together and join as one piece. This high temperature flame that is used in welding is the main component in welding. We will [...]
Ship Pipelines

Importance Of Ship Pipelines

Playing a major role in the supply and distribution of liquids and gases to different parts to any vessel, ship pipelines and pumps play a major role in operation of vessels. Due to the large number of ship pipelines, depending on the type of [...]

Livestock Carrier Ships: An Overview

The importance of livestock carrier ships cannot be overestimated in high seas trade. The sea has not only been used by man to travel over vast distances, ingenuity has been used to transport various kinds of goods and commodities. Transportation [...]
Main Switchboard Schematic

Ship Auxiliary Systems: Main Switchboard

Ships are self contained units floating at sea and hence there needs to be a source of power generation, more than one infact, as well as an emergency backup apart from the main power system. The alternators connected to the diesel generators [...]

5th Engineer On Ships – The Revered Panchoo

This article is mainly for those who are only partly familiar with the commercial shipping industry rather than those who sail on ships for they are pretty much familiar with this. You must have heard of terms like Captain, Master, Chief Engineer, [...]
How To Become Naval Architect

How To Become A Naval Architect?

We will in this article discuss how to become a Naval Architect. This is a profession that is coming up big-time all across the world. If you are planning to make a career as a Naval Architect then this article will be of great use to you.   Where [...]