Role of Pursers

Ship Pursers: Then & Now

There are many job roles in a ship and one role is that of a purser. We will now discuss in detail what the role of a purser actually is and what are his or her job responsibilities. Job Profile Of A Purser One of the main roles of a purser [...]
Turbocharger Circuit

How Does A Turbocharger Work?

Before learning about how does a turbocharger work on a diesel engine, we need to know what is a turbocharger in the first place. The efficient working of a diesel engine depends on the supply of air to it. By increasing the density of the air [...]
Vessel Bunkering

Vessel Bunkering: Refueling Ships

In simple words Vessel bunkering means refueling of a ship, aero-plane or any huge equipment that would require refueling. Of course there are two things to be noted, firstly being a marine site we would be mainly concerned about bunkering [...]
COW Tank Cleaning

Crude Oil Washing In Ships

Crude oil is a common type of cargo which is carried by ships and it obviously leads to lot of deposits in the cargo tanks. The removal of excessive sticky crude oil with the purpose of tank cleaning after unloading is known as crude oil washing [...]
FPSO Vessel

What Is FPSO Vessel?

Man has not only harnessed the seas for transportation but for industrial purposes also. The offshore industry owes all credit to the development of FPSO vessels which stand for Floating Production Storage and Offloading units. Over the last [...]
Types of Propellers

Different Types Of Propellers

A propeller is to a ship or any marine vessel as tires/wheels to a car or any automobile. They help the vessel to move forward or backward and there are many different types of propellers which are used based on requirements, type of vessel [...]

Learn To Translate Morse Code?

Before we check out how to learn morse code and translate the sign language into useful information for human beings, let us first begin with a brief history of the morse code. Brief History In the year 1836, Smauel F.B. Morse and Alfred Vail [...]

Effects of Drinking Sea Water

In this article related to effects of drinking sea water, we will consider the option of utilizing ocean water for drinking purposes. A ship sails in the oceans and there is literally unlimited supply of sea water all around but do you think [...]
Great Sea Careers

10 Ways To A Great Career At Sea

Many people want to make a career at sea. The maritime career is well paying and challenging. We will now discuss 10 ways to make great careers at sea. So let us find out what are these 10 ways. Before going further let me tell you that basically [...]

What Are Autonomous Underwater Vehicles?

Do you know the purpose of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) or unmanned underwater vehicles and how they are different from remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Let us find out in this post. Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) The name AUV [...]