Rip Current Safety

How Rip Currents Work?

Before learning about rip current safety or understanding how rip currents work, it is important to understand the term itself. The currents flowing away from the shore are termed as rip currents. These are typically strong currents carrying [...]

Types of Tubes in Marine Water Tube Boilers

These days water tube boilers have nearly replaced the previously used smoke tube boilers on ships which have been shifted to auxiliary duties mostly. Let us find out about water tube boiler construction and see which all types of tubes are [...]

ROV: An Underwater Robot

ROV’s or Remotely Operated Vehicles can easily be termed as underwater robots and considered a boon for deep water industries like offshore hydrocarbon extraction. As the name itself suggest, Remotely Operated Vehicles are unoccupied and [...]

The Dead Sea Facts – Why Do You Float In The Dead Sea?

The very name “Dead Sea” seems to be frightening enough, but do you know any Dead Sea facts or perhaps the reason as to why is the Dead Sea called the Dead Sea? Also isn’t it interesting to note that even if you are not an expert swimmer, [...]
Dry Dock

What Is A Dry Dock?

Maintenance of the ships and boats irrespective of their size at regular intervals is of utmost importance for reasons of safety and prolonging the life of the vessel. The maintenance activity is not only limited to the interiors and the machinery [...]
Underwater Inspection Services

Underwater Ship Inspection

Marine Engineers take care of most of the maintenance jobs on the ship but there are certain areas which require specialist services. For example the part of the ship which is immersed in water is subject to the maximum possibility of corrosion [...]
Ship Speed Measurement

Ship Speed Measurement Techniques

It is not difficult to understand why we are studying speed measuring devices and techniques in terms of ships and marine vessels. The importance of speed measurement comes from the fact that man has probably been obsessed with the concept of [...]