Medical Officer Ships

Medical Officer On Board Ships

Medical emergencies are not new in ships. There can be several kinds of causalities. In passenger ships there are trained doctors to take care of the ship. These doctors ensure that the crew members and the passengers are taken care off. Some [...]
Ship Grounding

What Is Ship Grounding?

The history of marine accidents is quite old. But we will talk about latest incident which happened on April 14th, 2010, the master and other crew members of a Chinese cargo ship were arrested after the ship grounded on the Great Barrier Reef. [...]
Plimsoll Lines on Ship

Significance Of Plimsoll Lines

Safety at sea is one of the most important factors while making any regulations for loading of ships, whether they are carrying passengers or cargo. In the distant past, there were no such regulations which governed loading of ships, hence it [...]

The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

The Bermuda Triangle mystery is quite popular and is also referred to as the Devil’s Triangle. What attaches the word mystery to this area of Bermuda Triangle is the fact that many aircraft’s and sea vessels are said to have disappeared [...]

How To Overcome Fatigue On Ships?

In this article we will learn about fatigue management and how to overcome fatigue on ships and related marine sector jobs. As we know, literally every profession that is being practiced today comes with an inherent set of problems, shortcomings [...]

Simple Centrifuge: Principle & Operations

Do you know what is a centrifuge used for on board ships? Today we will talk about a simple centrifuge used for purification of oil on board ships and other marine vessels. Of course the concept of centrifuge oil cleaning is not only used on [...]