Black Sea Facts

Unlike the name suggests Black is not a sea that is black in color. Black sea has beautiful blue water that can leave you spell bound. We will discuss some of the black sea facts in this article. This will help you get a better idea about this [...]
Lloyds Ship Register

Lloyds Register Of Shipping

It has been centuries since man has been travelling by ships and the high seas have been the mode of transport for generations. In this article now we will discuss a very interesting aspect of ships. Since ages man has been travelling by ship [...]
Certificate of Competency

Marine Certificate Of Competency

We have already discussed about the different types of marine jobs and also that there is a difference between merchant navy and defense navy. The procedure to join the defense forces of any country are normally through a series of government [...]
Bottom painting boat hull

Bottom Painting A Boat

The hull of the ship is exposed to the sea water and this leads to rusting and decay in the hull. The rusting of the hull reduces its efficiency. The paint of the hull comes out and the metal is exposed. The sea water is very salty as a result [...]