Inboard Boat Engine

What Is An inboard Engine?

We in this article will discuss the very vital concept of what is an inboard engine. We hope t hat this article will help you to understand the concept better. Inboard engine is used for propulsion in the marine world. However, the concept of [...]
Ship Fitter Job Description

What Does A Fitter Do On Ships?

Let us find out a ship fitter’s job description and discuss what does a fitter do on ships. We hope this will help you to understand the role of the fitter and appreciate the activity. The job of a fitter is a crucial one. It is more of [...]
Long Voyage Tips

Tips For A Long Voyage

Ships can be a good option to go on a long holiday. You will be away from the crowd and in the middle of the deep blue ocean. Ship voyages are not meant for all. It is mostly taken by those who just want to relax and have a laid back vacation. [...]
Ship Launch Party

How Is A Ship Launched In Water?

When we discuss all about ships in our articles how we can leave the part on how is ship launched in water. The technology and methods used to do this has evolved over the years. We hope you will find this article informative and interesting [...]
Marine Software Systems

Marine Software & Commercial Shipping

The modern mariners depend heavily on software’s. We will now in this article discuss about some of the best marine software systems that can be used in a ship. These software systems can make the life and the jobs of the mariners much easy [...]
Marine Gas Turbine Engines

Marine Gas Turbine Engines

Gas turbines are used in many industries and in many technologies. They are very efficient and are used in places that need propulsion. However, we will now in this article concentrate on marine gas turbine engines. As the name itself suggests [...]
Offshore Drilling Platforms

How Does An Oil Platform Stand In The Sea?

It is common to see offshore drilling and oil platforms in the sea. Have you ever wondered how does an oil platform stand in the sea? Well we are exactly going to explain the same in this article. It is very common today to set an oil platform [...]