Ocean Facts

Ocean Facts: Ridges & Trenches

The seventy per cent of earth is under oceans and there are many facts about the ocean which you dont know. There are many mysterious features that you can find under the ocean. We will now discuss two of these features these are called ocean [...]
Nautical Shipping Charts

What Are Nautical Charts?

The concept of nautical charts is very closely associated with astronomy. Nautical charts or shipping charts as they are sometimes called are basically navigation charts that are used by the mariners at sea. Nautical charts are a graphic representation [...]
Maritime Job Frauds

Avoid Fraud In Maritime Jobs

There are many shipping companies in the world. Every year a number of job applicants apply for jobs to these companies. We must tell you that all the shipping companies out there are not genuine. You must be very careful before you associate [...]
Navy Shellback Initiation

Navy Shellback: Equator Crossing Ceremony On Ships

Have you ever heard of the Equator crossing ceremony on ships?  It is a custom that is very popular in the Navy as well as commercial or merchant ships. Every mariner at some point of their life has experienced this unique ceremony, normally [...]
Sailors Demands

5 Top Facilities Sailors Would Want

The life of sailors is quite a tough one. They have to spend months on ships. They cannot see their families for months. In this article we will discuss 5 top facilities sailors would want. We are trying to discuss some facilities that the shipping [...]
Mariner Wife

Mariner’s Family

When the world sleeps in the bed so cozy When it appears to others as so adventurous and rosy Ask the Sailor’s family how they miss and feel, For them is it so romantic or is it a bit tough deal Just ask the little kid who misses his Dad He [...]
Single vs Double Hull Ships

Single vs. Double Hull Ships

Ships are commonly used for cargo transportation. They play a vital role in world trade. The shipping companies across the world spend millions of dollars in research so that they can come up with a better ship. Everyone wants to have the fastest [...]