Marine Insignia

Marine Quiz 2

This is a combined quiz where we talk about marine valves which are used on board ship pipelines as well as some of the common marine uniform insignia. We all know that pipelines are lifelines of a ship and no one is more familiar with this [...]
The Ship of Theseus

The Ship of Theseus

At Marine Knowledge we try to explore different aspects of ships, shipping jobs, marine engineering, navigation and marine related topics. Yet today we will explore a concept which is more philosophical but related to a ship so just find out [...]
Marine quiz

Marine Quiz: Test Yourself

There are many aspects of shipping and especially for those working on ships and taking their promotion exams or certificates of competency, there are many things to learn. One of the easy and interesting way to learn about something is to test [...]
Ship Chandler

What Do Ship Chandlers Do?

Have you ever heard the term ship chandler and do you know what exactly ship chandlers are supposed to do. Let us find out more about this interesting profession which is closely associated with ships and shipping. On The Move Always Ships keep [...]
Marine Traffic

Marine Traffic Facts & Figures

Man has been travelling by sea for a long time. It was the first mode of transport that could take man from one part of the world to another. Since man started to fly the use of sea transport has reduced mainly because flights are faster than [...]
Shipping Container Dimensions

About Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are used to carry goods over land as well as sea. They can be of various shapes and sizes. They are also used for storage and handling. The containers have helped a lot in changing the way goods are carried and in globalization [...]