Line of Sight Calculator

Line Of Sight In Oceans

When a ship is sailing in the deep sea all that it can see around is the endless ocean. The eyes of the mariners long to see a piece of land. When a land is spotted especially in the olden days the sailors would celebrate. However, it was not [...]
Flying Fish

Can You See Birds In Middle Of The Ocean?

Bird watching can be a hobby to many. Whenever we talk about bird watching the sight that comes is of a dense forest or of a lake. Rarely will one imagine a deep sea to spot birds. Well some mariners can imagine. We will now discuss can you [...]
Marine Radar

How Does Marine Radar Work?

Marine radar is an instrument of perfect synchronization. It contains no calculator or computer to do its basic function. Range and bearing are obtained by the fact that each component does a specific job at the correct time. Radar Units Marine [...]
PowerBoat Racing

Powerboat Racing Facts

One of the latest adventure sports that are becoming popular all over the globe is the powerboat racing. These races are held among specially designed powerboats that can move really fast on water. They are use for point to point racing only [...]
Ship Health and Safety

5 Top Things You Should Know About Ship Health And Safety

Travelling in a ship for a vacation is a dream for many people. It is expensive as well as an experience of a life time. If you are travelling in a ship for the first time then there are some 5 top things you should know about ship safety. This [...]