Marine Radar

Efficiency Of A Radar Set

As per Performance Standards for Navigational Radar (IMO), the set must have means of ascertaining the level of its overall performance. It is understood that such means shall be available to the radar observer at all times and not rely on the [...]
Weather Effects on Ship Radar

Weather Effects On Radar

In this post we will learn about some of the effects that the natural weather elements can have on a ship radar Performance When radio waves pass through the atmosphere, some of their energy is lost due to absorption, scattering, diffraction, [...]
Suez Canal Map

Facts About Suez Canal

Suez Canal is one of the most interesting water bodies in the world. It is an artificial sea level water body. It is located in Egypt. It connects Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. It was opened in 1869. It took about ten years to build this [...]
1978 News Clipping

Cost of Idle Oil Tankers

It is a common saying that “”a ship is safe at the harbor but that’s not what it is meant for”. This is true literally speaking even from the commercial standpoint. Ships are constructed to remain on the move and the cost of an idle [...]
INS Kolkata

INS Kolkata Joins Indian Navy Fleet

INS Kolkata, a destroyer meant to maintain peace in the region, was officially inducted in the Indian Navy fleet by prime minister Narendra Modi on 16th August 2014. The best thing about this vessel is that it has been built within the country [...]

What Makes A Cruise Ship Float?

Have you ever wondered as to what makes a cruise ship float on the surface of sea water? It is a great pleasure to sail in a huge ship in the midst of oceans. People who work on ships such as navigating officers, marine engineers, know the reason [...]

Stick Charts For Navigation

Marshall Islands Stick Charts, Micronesian Stick Charts, or Polynesian Stick Charts for navigation have been used since ages. They are one of the most ingenious navigational tools devised by man. It was a mapping tool used by early sea farers [...]
Oil Exploration Ships

Oil Exploration And Ships

Oil is one of the most precious resources that are known to man. Thousands of dollars are spent a year in oil exploration. Any country that has a good reserve of oil is considered to be the richest country. This is exactly why the oil is also [...]
shipping laws

Marine Law History Explored

Shipping law history is almost synonymous with the law of the land. The history of law is considered to be a history of mankind, a history of civilized society. History of admiralty can be easily considered to be the history of business and [...]