Main Bearing Shell

Diesel Engine Construction

In this post we will take a look at engine construction and learn about the different diesel engine parts and how they are constructed. We will take a look at 5 components in our first article to be followed by others later Sole plate and Frame Both [...]

Sea Walls Approach By Nations

Due to the rise in sea levels due to global warming, sea walls area being increasingly turning too as a form of protection against the sea flooding of low lying areas. With the recent tsunamis that have ravaged Asia in the past decade and the [...]

Health and Safety In The Workshop

The below mentioned are general health and safety tips for the workshop and although we are talking in the marine context, these are applicable in general in the industry. Industrial Safety Many accidents occur in workshops which may range from [...]
Flag State of Ships

What Is Nationality Of A Ship?

Every ship is registered with a country. By nationality of the ship we mean the country the ship is registered with. The country of origin (manufacturing) might not always be the nationality of the ship. In today’s world the registration of [...]